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Correctional Officer Training

Congratulations on your decision to begin your career as a corrections officer!

In today’s job market, entering this field will provide you with a career that is not only in high demand, but also will provide you with a level of comfort that you are almost assured to be able to secure a job in no time.

The requirements for correctional officer training vary from state to state. To assist you in your search, please select your state below to find additional information regarding where you should start.

Corrections Officer

Corrections Officers In The Line Of DutyAlthough it is a term we hear frequently, exactly what is a corrections officer? The role of a corrections officer is primarily to maintain safety, security, and inmate accountability within a jail, prison, or detention facility.

These officers are responsible for guarding people that have been arrested, or who have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve time in a correctional facility, usually operated by a particular state’s department of corrections.

Corrections Officers are also tasked to maintain order and enforce the rules and regulations they are sworn to uphold.

Correctional Officer Job Description

Job descriptions for correctional officers vary from state to state and from position to position. Typically, the job of a corrections officer almost always will involve:

  • Maintaining order and safety within a jail, prison, or detention facility.
  • Being on patrol, inside or outside facilities.
  • Conducting searches of inmates or prisoners for any prohibited items.
  • Escorting prisoners in and around the facility as needed.
  • Training in restraint equipment, various firearms primarily handguns and other protective items.

For additional information about the correctional officer job description, click here.

Corrections Officer Jobs

Corrections officer job positions offer competitive salaries and benefits, and paid holidays, vacations days, and sick leave.

A career in law enforcement is ideal since it’s a continually growing field. Prisons, jails, corrections centers and departments, and justice facilities are constantly looking for new recruits.

Please be sure to check out our extremely popular corrections officer job board, which specifically targets correctional officer jobs and routinely lists tens of thousands of that are currently available!

Correctional Officer Certification

In some departments, you are required to become certified prior to becoming a correctional officer.

In Florida, for example, you must be a certified corrections officer, recognized with the state before you are permitted to serve as a correctional officer.

Becoming a certified correctional officer differs from earning a certification in corrections through a college or university, as the process generally is state administered.

Not all states require that you become a certified correctional officer.  To determine if your state has this requirement, check the correctional officer requirements for your state using the map above.

Corrections Officer Training in NYC

New York City has a highly competitive correctional officer job market, which in turn results to a highly active pool of job seeker interested in becoming a NYC corrections officer.

Correctional officer training in NYC first begins with you first meeting the minimum education and experience requirement prior to taking to mandatory correctional officer test, then proceeding to the corrections officer training academy.

Make sure that you check out our two posts on correctional officer requirements for New York, and how to be a corrections officer in New York City for a more comprehensive breakdown of information.

Online Corrections Officer Training & Education

Generally, becoming a correctional officer requires little experience and education. Most states generally insist on a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent as a minimum requirement. Correction Officer Jobs are generally an entry-level position. In order to receive promotions and advancement, many jurisdictions and departments prefer that applicants to have a bachelor’s degree and two to three years law enforcement experience.

If you are in the early stages of your career as a corrections officer, and you have a goal for career advancement and progression, then we highly recommended you consider pursuing higher education.

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